JStudio intern earns national recognition

Matthew Lutheran (JStudio intern and Univ of Arizona MLA candidate) and his team earned the second place award in the 2018 Campus Rain Works Challenge (a EPA sponsored national competition related to Green Infrastructure development). Way to go Matt!...


Landscape Architecture Trends for 2019

Have you walked by a building or park and seen something new about their landscape that you've liked or made you curious? There may be a lot more reasons for this than what you may realize. View the article below for an in-depth look at what trends are influencing today's landscapes.



What's a YIMBY?...

In this Planet Money episode, there are some interesting and valid points about the need to balance a community's interests (home owners) and the benefits of developing increased density housing (quality development) .   No easy answers here, but our region can take reasonable steps towards avoiding the dilemmas already faced in other cities.